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   About Enrollment of GSM Course
07-Mar-19 Marksheets of ANM Exam (I-II Yr) Sep,2018
07-Mar-19 Exam Result GNM III Yr Oct,2018 and Entry of Retatotaling
28-Feb-19 Nursing Institute List year 2018-19 (Updated 22.02.2019)
06-Feb-19 Correction of Enrollment & Marksheet
31-Jan-19 forward the enrollment form
31-Jan-19 About ANM Affiliation 2018-19 Login
31-Jan-19 Extend the Date of enrollment form fill
29-Jan-19 Result of Retotaling/Rechecking of ANM Exam Sep,2018
04-Jan-19 About Enrollment for GNM Course
26-Dec-18 Application for Retotaling-Rechecking of ANM Main Exam 11-15 Sep
18-Dec-18 Result ANM main exam 11-15 Sep,2018
30-Nov-18 NOC for Other State
29-Nov-18 For Revision in Nursing Course Session 2018-19 In Pvt Sec.
27-Nov-18 Link for Entry and Payments for Internal Marks
22-Nov-18 Decision about Fees for Degree Course
21-Nov-18 About GNM New Course Internal/External Marks (Mental Health Nursing)
16-Nov-18 Admission in Post Basic BSc Nusring / MSc Nusing Course 2018
13-Nov-18 OTP instead of Digital Signature for Principal
02-Nov-18 OTP instead of Digital Signature for Principal
28-Oct-18 Digital Sign of Check List of Documents
28-Oct-18 ANM/GNM/BSc Nursing Marksheet Varification
27-Oct-18 GNM Marksheet Aug-Sep,2017, and Apr,2018
27-Oct-18 Entry of Internal Marks GNM Exam 2018
16-Oct-18 GNM Practical Exam Year 2018
08-Oct-18 About Exam GNM Oct,2018
28-Sep-18 Entry of Internal Marks of ANM Exam Sep,2018
31-Aug-18 Nurses Exam Time Table
28-Aug-18 Instruction for Admission in Post Basic BSc/MSc Nursing Course Yr 2018
07-Aug-18 Annexures with Nursing Rules as per index
07-Aug-18 Submission of Exam Form Year 2018 Main Exam 9.8.18 to 14.8.18
07-Aug-18 Letter for Annexures with Nursing Rules
20-Jul-18 Exam Form Submit Date With Late Fee 24.7.2018
17-Jul-18 NOC/Transfer to Other State
16-Jul-18 Forward Nomination Form Link for ANM/GNM Exam
30-Jun-18 Result of Suppl. Exam 24-27 Apr,2018
27-Jun-18 Important notice to fill up the Examination Form-2018
23-Jun-18 About forwarding of Nomination Form
03-May-18 Entry on Internal Marks ANM/GNM Suppl. Exam Apr,2018
16-Apr-18 About Forwarding Exam Form Apr,2018
14-Apr-18 TIME TABLE FOR 24 APRIL- 27 APRIL, 2018
07-Apr-18 Submission of Suppl. Exam Form Apr,2018
20-Feb-18 Sep.,2017 GNM Exam Result
20-Feb-18 Result GNM Exam Sep,2017
16-Jan-18 About Registration
11-Jan-18 ANM Aug,2017 Exam Retotal/Rechecking Result
29-Dec-17 Republic Day Program Guest List Updation
12-Dec-17 Internal Marks Entry Exam ANM/GNM Aug-Sep,2017
21-Nov-17 Application for Renewal/Validity
21-Nov-17 Aug,2017 ANM Exam Result Declaration
07-Nov-17 ANM/GNM Internal Marks Entry Exam Sep,17
07-Nov-17 Important Notice For Registration
13-Oct-17 Registration of Nursing Institutions
26-Sep-17 Enrollment 2018
24-Sep-17 Notice for New Nursing Institute and Seat Enhancement Year 2017-18
18-Sep-17 ANM/GNM Aug-Sep,17 Exam Internal Marks Entry 21 to -28 Sep,17
18-Sep-17 Important Notice About Registration
12-Sep-17 About Lok Seva Gurantee
24-Aug-17 important news regarding GNM exam form forwading
22-Aug-17 ANM/GNM Exam Aug,2017 Exam Form and Admit Card
21-Aug-17 Tender of Transportation and out Source Services
03-Aug-17 Fill Up Exam FORM ANM/GNM Exam Aug-Sep,17
02-Aug-17 Recognition and Fee to Council for 2017-18
13-Jul-17 Exam Form-2017
10-Jul-17 Important Notice about Wrong Time Table
05-Jul-17 Apr,2017 Opening Internal Marks Line
05-Jul-17 Vidhan Sabha Q 1388
03-Jul-17 Year Calender 17-18 and Apr,17 Inter. Marks Entry and Payments
16-Jun-17 Result of Supplementary Exam April 2017
09-Jun-17 Instruction about Registration (Same Address)
05-May-17 ANM/GNM Exam Apr,2017 Internal Marks and Payment
02-May-17 ANM Exam Retotaling/Rechecking Form Submission
01-May-17 Election of Member of INC
01-May-17 Instruction about Registration
30-Apr-17 Opening Tender Date Extended (Tender: Transport and Security)
24-Apr-17 Forward Suppl Exam Apr,2017 Form
20-Apr-17 Exam Time Table
18-Apr-17 Lok Seva Gurantee Adhiniyam
18-Apr-17 Lok Seva Circular
13-Apr-17 Execution in Reference M P Public Service Guarantee Act,2010
10-Apr-17 Outsourcing Services Tender
10-Apr-17 Sep,2016 Exam Result and Form for Apr,2017 Exam
09-Apr-17 Tender for Transportation Services
12-Mar-17 ANM/GNM Registration Form Year 2016
12-Mar-17 Circular of Retotaling-Reval. Online Application Form
12-Mar-17 ANM/GNM OLD/NEW COURSE I-II-III Year Reval/Retotaling Form
06-Feb-17 ANM Exam Sep,16 Rechecking-Retotaling Form Submission Date
10-Jan-17 Return of Registration Certificate and NOC to Council
23-Dec-16 Information about Services From MPONLINE KEOSK
25-Nov-16 विधान सभा तारांकित प्रश्न (ग्वालियर संभाग में नर्सिंग कॉलेज एवं हॉस्पिटल के सम्बन्ध में )
18-Nov-16 Enrollment Edit Option
24-Oct-16 Renewal and Validity form 2016-17
17-Oct-16 Renewal of Institution 2016-17
17-Oct-16 Important Instruction about Registration
01-Oct-16 Change of Telephone No (New 0755-2770047)
23-Sep-16 Entry of Internal Marks Exam Sep,2016
23-Sep-16 Jul,2017 Exam Enrollment from MP ONLINE
10-Sep-16 Nurses Examination Time Table
08-Sep-16 प्रधान मंत्री सुरक्षित मातृत्व अभियान के संदर्भ में
31-Aug-16 Exam Time Table - Post Basic Diploma in Critical Care (Updated)
27-Aug-16 Nurses Exam Time Table
06-Aug-16 प्रधानमंत्री सुरक्षित मातृत्व अभियान के संबंध में
03-Aug-16 Notice fo ANM/GNM Exam 2016 Circular
01-Aug-16 Academic calendar 2016-17
13-Jun-16 Admission Instruction Session 2016-17
13-Jun-16 Revise Fee Circular
13-Jun-16 Migration Form
13-Jun-16 Renewal Form
10-Jun-16 Tender of Parivahan & Kagaj Katran
09-Jun-16 Session 2016 ANM/GNM online Exam form date
27-May-16 Practical Training Exam through OSCE
27-May-16 Verification of nomination (G2G)
12-May-16 Tender for Appointment of Statutory Auditors
12-May-16 Tender for appointment of Tax Consultant
10-May-16 Tender for Auditor,Tax Consultant, Transporter
09-May-16 Notice for Tender of Transportation
03-May-16 Notice for ANM/GNMtotaling & Rechecking Feb.,2016 result declear
06-Apr-16 ANM/GNM Feb.,2016 Examination Retotaling / Rechecking date Decleared
06-Apr-16 ANM/GNM Feb.,2016 Result Decleared
01-Apr-16 Notice for Registration notice & list
18-Mar-16 NoticeFor GNM Course Internal Marks Not Received
18-Mar-16 Notice For ANM/GNM Feb.,2016 Feeding in Internal marks
01-Mar-16 Notice For ANM/GNM/Post basic FEB2016 Internal marks
29-Feb-16 Notice for Nursing College of Gwalior Division
16-Feb-16 Notice for ANM/GNM/Post basic diploma Form Forwarding
16-Feb-16 Notice for Time Table in A.N.M New Course FEB 2016
15-Feb-16 Notice for Time Table in G.N.M FEB 2016
15-Feb-16 Notice for Time Table in Post Basic Diploma
08-Feb-16 Notice for AISHE(MHRD)Workshop date10 feb 2016
03-Feb-16 Revised notice AISHE(MHRD) year2014-15 & 2015-16
03-Feb-16 Guidelines for Addition of Colleges-Stand Alone Institutions on AISHE portal
01-Feb-16 Notice for AISHE(MHRD) Year 2014-15 & 2015-16
22-Jan-16 Notiice for AISHE (MHRD) year 2014-15 & 2015-16
14-Jan-16 Notice for Feb.,2016 Examination form date extend
14-Jan-16 Notice for Feb.,2016 Examination form date extend
14-Jan-16 Notice for Feb.,2016 Examination form date extend
04-Jan-16 ANM/GNM EXAM Aug,2015 Reval/Rechecking
13-Oct-15 Notice For Exam July-Aug2015 Enrollment from date
09-Oct-15 NOTICE FOR OSCE Practical taining
15-Sep-15 Notice for ANM student OSCE Pratical training
10-Sep-15 Notice For ANM/ GNM Aug-Sep.,2015 Internal marks
04-Sep-15 Notice for GNM Student signature on admin card
26-Aug-15 Notice for ANM/GNM Exam Aug-Sep 2015 internal marks
25-Jul-15 M P Online Submition of Exam Form/ Enrollment Form
13-Jul-15 Notice for Verification of Exam form/ Enrollment form
30-Apr-15 Notices for Result Feb.,2015 (ANM/GNM/LHV)
24-Apr-15 Important Notice for Registration
02-Apr-15 ANM/GNM Internal Marks Entry Date -31/03/15 to 05/04/2015
11-Mar-15 ANM/ GNM Internet Marks Entry Date-11/03/2015 To 13/03/2015
04-Mar-15 GNM Not Add Internet Marks Entry List
03-Mar-15 ANM/ GNM Internet Marks Entry and Payments
12-Feb-15 About ANM/GNM Internal Marks Entry and Payments
05-Feb-15 Important Notice for Exam Center (URGENT)
30-Jan-15 Time Table for Written Examination of all Category
22-Jan-15 G.N.M Course for change in Time Table. Feb,2015
22-Jan-15 A.N.M Course for change in Time Table. Feb,2015
20-Jan-15 Retotaling & Rechecking Result July-Aug 2014
07-Jan-15 Notice for E- Registration साक्षात्कार / नौकरी हेतु SMS
06-Jan-15 G.N. M Course changing of Time. Morning Exam Time is 9 A.M. To 12 P.M.
06-Jan-15 A.N.M Course for changing of Time. Morning Exam Time is 9 A.M. To 12 P.M.
16-Dec-14 Enrollment form During 16 to 18 Dec 2014
15-Dec-14 GNM/ANM EXAM FORM DURING 22 to 31 Dec,14
15-Dec-14 ANM/GNM EXAM,2014 Form ReTotaling/ReChecking
28-Nov-14 Affiliation Form 2014-15
28-Nov-14 Application for the Renewal/Validity 2014-2015
28-Nov-14 About ANM /GNM Enternal Marks Entry Dated 28/11/2014 to 03/12/2014
29-Oct-14 Most Urgent
29-Oct-14 Notice Format
29-Oct-14 Most Urgent
17-Oct-14 Notice for Registration
01-Oct-14 Provide Registration Using SMS
05-Sep-14 Notice for filling Enrollment Form
27-Aug-14 Notice for feeding GNM Internal marks
19-Aug-14 Time table of G.N.M. Exam
08-Aug-14 Notice Regarding fidding ANM Internal Marks
06-Aug-14 notice regarding affiliation of college
06-Aug-14 notice regarding sc/st camdidates in institute
18-Jul-14 Notice for ANM/GNM Exam Form Forward
14-Jul-14 Time Table For ANM Course
29-May-14 Notice for ANM exam form submission
23-May-14 Notice for filling enrollment form
23-May-14 Notice for ANM(New) examination form filling
15-May-14 Notice for Ex Student july-Aug 2014
01-May-14 Notice for cancel exam form submission date for ANM(2 years) new Course
15-Apr-14 notice for declare result for ANM/GNM for jan-2014 exams
15-Apr-14 Notice regarding affiliation with bhoj university
13-Mar-14 Notice for Internal marks Feeding
04-Feb-14 Notice for Colleges to fill internal marks of students
01-Feb-14 Notice for ANM/GNM Registration
30-Jan-14 Notice for nursing colleges
28-Jan-14 notice for private college for affiliation fees information
22-Jan-14 notice for colleges for fowarding exam forms
22-Jan-14 Time table for ANM and GNM Courses
25-Dec-13 Revaluation and Retotalling date for GNM Course
24-Dec-13 Regards Exam Form Filling for course GNM
21-Dec-13 Regarding ANM Exam From Date
19-Nov-13 Notice for declaring yearly fees details
07-Nov-13 List of Pending NOC Institutes
01-Nov-13 Dipawali Greeting
05-Oct-13 Registration Date Postpond for GNM/ANM Courses
24-Sep-13 Notice for filling Enrollment Form
24-Sep-13 Notice for filling Registration Form
28-Aug-13 Notice for Second paper cancel for GNM II Years
28-Aug-13 Notice regarding NOC Certificate
24-Aug-13 notice for GNM center
23-Aug-13 Notice regarding NOC certificate
13-Aug-13 Time Table of Nurses Examination August-2013
06-Aug-13 Notice for Internal Marks for July-2013 Exams
30-Jul-13 Notice for GNM Exam Admission
17-Jul-13 Regarding College NOC Certificate
08-Jul-13 Time Table
18-Jun-13 Regarding Online Enrollment Form Filling
04-Jun-13 Regarding Recruitment of Nurses
10-May-13 Date Extension for Exam and Enrollment form
08-May-13 Exam Rules for GNM and A.N.M.
01-May-13 Eligibility criteria for taking admission in GNM,ANM,B.Sc.(N)
29-Apr-13 Regarding Registration and Exam Form Filling
25-Apr-13 Regarding Filling Enrollment and Exam Form
04-Apr-13 NOC
04-Apr-13 NOC1
04-Apr-13 NOC2
04-Apr-13 NOC3
04-Apr-13 NOC4
04-Apr-13 NOC5
03-Mar-13 Regarding taken over charges of Registrar, M.P.N.R.C. Bhopal
03-Mar-13 Regarding New Registration Fees
02-Mar-13 Regarding Internal Marks of institute
03-Jan-13 ANM Exam Time Table
03-Jan-13 GNM Time Table
28-Dec-12 New GNM Training Center Exam Schedule
27-Dec-12 Regarding GNM Exam date for Jan 2012 Batch
22-Dec-12 Circular for Various Nursing Schools/Collges dated:22.12.12