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   About Enrollment of GSM Course

Welcome to M P nurses registration council !!


Welcome To MP Nurses Registration Council

About Enrollment of GSM Course
ड्रॉफ्ट रूलस फॅार ओपनींग एंड रिनेवल अॅाफ न्‍यू नर्सिंग स्‍कूल/कॉलेज
Filling of online forms for permission, renewal or seat enhancement of nursing institutes

Tender for Printing of Rules and Regulations
मध्य प्रदेश नर्सिंग शिक्षण संस्था मान्यता नियम 2018
महत्वपूर्ण आम सूचना 2019

06-Dec-19 Regarding gnm 2nd year exam form
03-Dec-19 Eligible Institute for Bed Allocation year 2019-20 (List-II)
03-Dec-19 Revised Time Table for Recognition of Nursing Institute year 2019-20
02-Dec-19 Regarding exam form fill & forward
02-Dec-19 INC First permission latter
01-Dec-19 GNM Third Year students exam form
30-Nov-19 Regarding Nurses Registration & Tracking System (NUID)
30-Nov-19 Public Notice for Recognition year 2019-20
29-Nov-19 Regarding internal marks entry dec. 2018 supp. exam
28-Nov-19 Eligible Institute for Bed Allocation year 2019-20
27-Nov-19 Regarding gnm exam form open and forward link
27-Nov-19 Regarding result declaration of new and old GNM exam
23-Nov-19 वर्ष २०१९-२० की मान्यता हेतु चिकित्सालयो में बिस्तर आवंटन के योग्य पाए गए नर्सिंग संस्थाओं की अस्थायी सूची के सम्बन्ध में
15-Nov-19 Regarding declaration Dec. 2018 supp. ANM result & open ANM 2nd year exam form
15-Nov-19 Re Schedule of recognition time table year 2019-20
10-Nov-19 Guideline of upload Document of Recognition Form 2019-20
08-Nov-19 Final Reschedule of Nursing Institute Recognition of year 2019-20
04-Nov-19 Regarding Inter District Hospital in Application Form Session 19-20
26-Oct-19 Reschedule of Recognition 2019-20
26-Oct-19 Bank Guarantee